Friday, August 29, 2014

Interview with Clea Simon

I am thrilled to have interviewed Clea Simon!! So come on and get some coffee or tea. You are in for a huge treat today!! Clea is the author of  the Theda Krakow Series, Pru Marlowe Pet Nior series,  and a Dulcie Schwartz Series!!

Welcome Clea, I am so glad that you can be here with us today!!

Shelley: Tell us about yourself?
Clea Simon: I’m a writer. :)
I have always been a writer, since my earliest days. I loved books and made my own books. Because a journalist because that seemed like a job a writer could have and there were stories to be told. Along the way, I realized I wanted to write my own stories, like I did as a child. Other than that, I’m married with one cat, no kids, and I live in the Boston area. I love to cook and hear live music of all sorts!

Shelley: What inspired you to become a writer?
Clea Simon: I have always been a reader. At times, books were my best friends, so writing came naturally.

Shelley: How did you come up with these great books?
Clea Simon: I don’t plot in advance. I come up with a situation or a character and ask myself, “And then?” The rest follows.(And thank you for the compliment!)

Shelley: Can you tell us a little of what you are working on now?
Clea Simon: I am finishing up Dulcie Schwartz # 10. It has taken me up to about 250 pages to realize what the book is really about - the core of it, if you will - so now I am re-reading and revising, starting at the beginning so that the first part lines up with the second part.

Shelley: What research did you have to do for your books?
Clea Simon: I talk to a lot of animal experts for the Pru Marlowe pet noir mysteries - that’s always fun! And I am currently reading a lot about book conservation for this Dulcie. The techniques conservators use to bring back 200 and 300 (and older) books to life are amazing.

Shelley: When you are not writing what do you love doing?
Clea Simon: I love cooking - making big dinners for family and friends - and going out to hear music. Rock and jazz and Cajun and zydeco and opera. I love opera!

Shelley: What are three things you want your readers to know?
Clea Simon: I try very hard to make my characters consistent and believable - they may not always be smart or self-aware but I try to make them true to themselves.
I will never hurt an animal in any of my books. People yes, animals no.
I don’t plot my books in advance - this means I have to revise a lot, but I hope it also means I avoid cookie-cutter mysteries.

Shelley: If you could have a dinner party with three authors, living or dead, who would you pick and what would you serve as a meal?
Clea Simon: Maurice Sendak, JRR Tolkein, and Madeleine L'Engle because they were all great influences and they all depicted such complete - and completely different - worlds. I would serve a big bowl of chicken and mushrooms, over pasta - cooked in a good red wine - with a lot of wine to drink, to make sure the conversation flowed!

What a fantastic interview and getting to know you more has been a treat!

you can find Clea here:


  1. You can also read excerpts and some short pieces (and more) at my home site:

  2. Nice interview Clea. I can't wait to get together with you again when you're visiting here... I'll assemble the crew and we can all go to Chinatown. LOL

  3. Great interview! Thank you Shelley and Clea.

  4. I enjoyed reading this Shelley and Clea <3

  5. Can I come to dinner? Love the interview. Beautiful cat.


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