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Blog Tour- Fit to be Dead by Nancy G. West

I am excited to have with us today Nancy G. West. Nancy is the author of Fit to be Dead! It was released on July 24, 2014 and I enjoyed it! Welcome Nancy, so great to have you here today.
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Fit To Be Dead
by Nancy G. West

I enjoyed Fit to be Dead. It’s a quick and easy read that keeps the reader engaged from for the first page. There is humor, sadness, suspense, and tragedy – a little something for everyone who loves a good cozy mystery.
~Sapphyria’s Book Reviews
22844297Fit To Be Dead
(An Aggie Mundeen Mystery Book 1)

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Publisher: Henery Press (July 24, 2014)
Paperback: 280 pages
Publisher: Henery Press(July 29, 2014)
ISBN-13: 978-1940976372

Aggie Mundeen, single and pushing forty, fears nothing but middle age. When she moves from Chicago to San Antonio, she decides she better shape up before anybody discovers she writes the column, “Stay Young with Aggie.” She takes Aspects of Aging at University of the Holy Trinity and plunges into exercise at Fit and Firm.
Rusty at flirting and mechanically inept, she irritates a slew of male exercisers, then stumbles into murder. She’d like to impress the attractive detective with her sleuthing skills. But when the killer comes after her, the health club evacuates semi-clad patrons, and the detective has to stall his investigation to save Aggie’s derriere.
My review: 
This whodunit will get you up and moving to the beat! With great characters and a story line that will keep you wanting to know what happens next. Aggie brings the humor and wit and you will work up a sweat trying to find out who the killer is before they strike again! What a great read, I enjoyed it and look forward to the next one!
My interview with Nancy:

S.G. Tell us about your self?
N.G.W. I’m a writer who should have studied journalism and literature. Being practical, I studied Business Administration instead. Fortunately, my brain survived accounting and statistics.
S.G. What or who inspired you to start writing?
N.G.W. My mother wrote a poem to me when I was seven and asked me to write one for her. She seemed impressed by my silly poem, and we continued to write poems to each other on special occasions.  I decided that if you write something, people pay attention.
S.G. How did Fit to be Dead come about?
N.G.W.I was writing Nine Days to Evil, my serious novel of  psychological suspense. My twenty-something character, Meredith, in the midst of her dilemma,  met a somewhat-older student who popped up in her class and had a wry sense of humor. That was Aggie Mundeen. Aggie took over my consciousness and declared she would not let me finish Meredith’s book unless I promised to write a book about her . . . or maybe a series.
After Meredith solved her predicament, I wrote about Aggie. She was klutzy, like me, and trying to get into shape, like me. A health club was the ideal setting for quirky characters, Aggie’s antics and murder. (Fit to Be Dead was Lefty Award Finalist for Best Humorous Mystery. http://tinyurl.com/bgl4zbc)
S.G. What was the hardest part and the easiest part about writing this story?
N.G.W.The hardest part was sticking to the plot when I was eager to write scenes where Aggie plunged into trouble. As I described what Aggie was doing, I’d sit in front of my computer and laugh—not good when you share your office with your husband. He might have you committed.
S.G. Who are your three favorite authors?
N.G.W. Shakespeare, Harper Lee, William Kent Kruger (There are so many; see the TBR pile below.)
S,G.. What three things do you want your readers to know?
N.G.W.1.I’d rather write than do anything else. Well, almost anything.
2. There is humor in the most serious situation.
3. Aggie and love interest, Detective Sam, have a dicey relationship because of her determination, curiosity and antics. Therefore, there will be more Aggie Mundeen mysteries while she attempts to snag him.
S.G. If you could throw a holiday party and invite 5 author living or dead who would they be and what would be on the menu?
N.G.W. William Shakespeare. Dave Barry. Malcolm Gladwell. Ken Follett. Oliver Sacks.
I’d have each one bring his favorite dish with a written explanation of why they are favorites, which I would frame and cherish until I was ready to donate them to a library at a minimum value of two million dollars each.
S.G. What are the 5 books in your TBR pile?
N.G.W. The Goldfinch, Donna Tartt; Edge of Eternity, Ken Follett; Wayfaring Stranger, James Lee Burke; Thankless in Death, J.D. Robb; America, Dinesh D. Souza.

Where to find us:
I love to hear readers’ opinions about the books, characters, plots and writing. We can talk through “Contact Me” on my website: www.nancygwest.com ,

To see what I’m up to and what’s happening with Aggie’s books, click

Aggie and I thank you for the wonderful questions!!
And thanks to Dollycas Tours for getting us together!!

About This Author
I’ve been writing since age seven: poems back and forth with my mom. I had a real poem published in the Library Journal, Pegasus, at age fifteen. At eighteen, I wanted to study journalism and English literature, but friends who chose that college route were making minimum wage or selling lingerie. Being practical, I earned a business degree. After marriage and two children, I decided I HAD to study literature and write. I wrote non-fiction articles, a biography, and a suspense novel in 2004. That’s when whimsical Aggie Mundeen cut through the suspense, popped into my head and demanded her own series. The Aggie Mundeen mystery capers were born. Aggie must have been right:FIT TO BE DEAD is a LEFTY FINALIST 2013 for best humorous mystery, nominated by Left Coast Crime.
Author Links:

Chat with Aggie and Nancy on their blog: www.stayyoungwithaggie@wordress.com.
Author’s Webpage: http://www.nancygwest.com/
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  1. This sounds great. I just bought it for my kindle. :-)

  2. I loved Shelley's questions!

    Enjoy Aggie, Dawn, and tell me what you think about Aggie, Sam, and Meredith. (I have one friend who wants to marry Sam.)

  3. Great idea for the author dinner. I love clutzy, inept, and humorous heroines.

  4. Sounds like a really great book! Great review and interview Shelley!! Love getting to know an author. And you had the perfect questions to do just that.

    Angie Young


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