Saturday, November 8, 2014

Book Trivia- Renee-Paley Bain

It's book trivia time and today' s host is the lovely Renee- Paley Bain!  It's a Murder She Wrote trivia day!

Here we go:

Ten Questions about “Murder, She Wrote”
The “Murder, She Wrote” books by Jessica Fletcher and Donald Bain are marking their 25th anniversary this year. Thanks so much to Shelley Giusti for helping us celebrate.
Forty-two books have been published in the series, all still in print, and a 43rd is scheduled to be released next Spring. Here are ten questions for MSW fans. Some you’ll be able to answer even if you’ve only watched the television show, but for others, you’ll need to know a little about the books. Most of the answers can be found somewhere at Leave a comment and email address below to be entered in the drawing for a hardcover copy of the latest in the “Murder, She Wrote” mystery series, Death of a Blue Blood. Good Luck!

1. What is the title of the first book in the “Murder, She Wrote” mystery series, published in 1989?
2. Jessica Fletcher writes under the name J.B. Fletcher. What does the B stand for?
3. A love interest for Jessica Fletcher was introduced in the first book, but he never appeared in the television show. Who is he?
4. Jessica lives in a charming town called Cabot Cove. In what state is Cabot Cove located?
5. The title of which book mimics another book Donald Bain wrote earlier in his career?
6. Aside from Jessica Fletcher, can you name five out of ten characters from the TV series who also appear in one or more of the books?
7. Here’s a tough one: In which book was there a tornado?
8. How did the victim die in Murder in a Minor Key?
9. Can you name the two wives of Sheriff Mort Metzger, and what they were known for?
10. A new book will come out next April. What is the title of this next “Murder, She Wrote” mystery?

Good Luck!!


  1. I didn't realize that these were still being published. Thank you for sharing.

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  3. 1. Gin and Daggers

    2. Beatrice

    3. Cheif Inspector George Sutherland - Scottland Yard

    4. Maine

    5. Coffee, Tea or Murder?

    6. Seth Hazlitt, Amos Tupper, Mort Metzger, Grady Fletcher, Donna Mayberry Fletcher

    7. Majoring In Murder

    8. He was stabbed to death in the archives

    9. Adelle Metzger is an ex-Marine who teaches self-defense classes, she is long winded, and frequently beats her husband at arm-wrestling...and...second wife, Maureen Metzger, red hair, known as the "luggage queen" to her friends, and not exactly the best cook (made a pretty bad blueberry pie once)

    10. Killer in the Kitchen

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  5. Question #11. Which three Murder, She Wrote books did Laurie Bain Wilson, co-author with her father, Donald Bain? Are they Manhattans and Murder (the second in the series), Rum and Razors (also published early on in the series) and Three Strikes, You're Dead (published about eight years ago)?

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  9. WINNER is Lisa A Kelley!!! CONGRATS!!!!

  10. Thanks, Shelley, thank you to our readers. Congratulations, Lisa. A copy of Death of a Blue Blood will be on its way to you soon.


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