Saturday, December 6, 2014

Book Trivia hosted by Helen Smith

It's time for trivia and today's lovely host is Helen Smith!! Leave your answers here for a chance to win either a Kindle Copy or Print copy of her book Real Elves!

Here we go!

If you haven’t read the Emily Castles Mysteries, you should be able to find the answers in the book descriptions on Amazon. The Emily Castles series can be read in any order, but if you’d like to read them in the order they were written and published, please start with Three Sisters.

1.What’s the name of the city where Emily lives?

2.What was the name of Emily’s dog?

3.What is the name of the eccentric philosophy professor Emily teams up with to solve her cases?

4.Which seaside town does Emily visit in Beyond Belief?

5.Emily helps out at an authors’ convention in Bloomsbury in Invitation to Die. What kind of books do these authors write?

6.Emily helps out her neighbor Victoria in Showstoppers. What kind of establishment does Victoria run?

7.In Real Elves, Emily is faced with a puzzle that she must solve in fifteen minutes, otherwise Christmas will be ruined. Where is she?

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There is some bonus material, including fantasy casting and locations for the Emily Castles Mysteries over at Pinterest:


  1. I'm unfamiliar with this series, but I'm happy to give it a go!

    1. Brixton, South London
    2. Jessie
    3. Dr Muriel
    4. Torquay (Does she meet Basil Fawlty?)
    5. romance
    6. theatrical school
    7. a London department store!

    Happy St. Nicholas Day!
    cozyupwithkathy @gmail dot com

  2. I just bought the ebox set but have not yet read them.
    1) Brixton, South London
    2) Jessie, her dog that passed away
    3) Dr. Muriel
    6)stage school
    7) a department store in London
    3rd floor, at the entrance to the enchanted forest

  3. 10Brixton, South london
    6)theatrical school
    7)a department store in London,3rd floor, at the enchanted forest entrance.

  4. Thanks for participating, LJ, Judy and Kat. Shelley, thanks for hosting me. It was fun to put the trivia quiz together.



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