Friday, May 30, 2014

Guest Book Review by Angie Young

I am starting a once a month Friday Feature and I hope you like it ! Angie Young is my Guest today and she recently read A Tine to Live and A Tine to Die by Edith Maxwell!

A Tine to Live, A Tine to Die

Here is her review:

A Tine To Live, A Tine To Die is the first book in the Local Foods Mystery series by Edith Maxwell. The second book in the series, 'Til Dirt Do Us Part is out this month.

I received this book about a week ago in the mail. I had won it in a book giveaway and forgot all about it. So when it arrived in my mailbox, it was a great surprise to me. And after reading it, I'm very glad I won it. It was a great cozy mystery. As all cozy mysteries are.

Cameron (Cam) Flaherty used to work as a software programmer. But as it sometimes happens, her company decides to downsize and she is let go. As luck would have it, her Great-Uncle Albert, is ready to leave the farming business as he's just not able to work it like he used to. So Cam decides she will take over and run it as an organic farm. She even starts a CSA to help promote the farm and get organic foods to the public.

But just as it looks like everything is going great, she has to fire her farm hand, Mike Montgomery, for trying to use chemicals on her organic crops. Of course this doesn't go well. He storms off in a rage which her CSA witnesses. What happens next, no one sees coming. Mike ends up dead on her farm. One of her volunteers, Lucinda, gets blamed for the murder. But Cam knows she didn't do it. Cam sets out on a mission to find out who the real murderer is.

Will Cam find out who the real killer is and free her friend? Or will she end up getting herself killed in the process? It's a mystery that will keep you guessing to the very end. Trust me when I tell you that you won't see it coming. Or at least I didn't.

Here is a bit about my Friend Angie,and by the way she has a fabulous blog that I do hope you 

will check out!

I'm Angie Young. I'm a stay-at-home, homeschool mom of 2 wonderful boys. When I'm not taking care of and teaching them, I enjoy my passion for reading books. One day I decided what better way to tell everyone about the great books I read than to start a blog about them. And that is just what I did. You can check out my blog at I also have a Facebook page affiliated with my blog: The Little Reading Cabin (


  1. Thank you for letting me guest post for you today. It was a real privilege.

  2. I'll have to look for this book....

  3. Nice cover. Reminds of my mother's garden.Thank you for sharing.

  4. So glad you liked the book, Angie! Alicia, let me know what you think of it. Isn't the cover pretty, Mary Anne? Kensington did a nice job with it. Shelley, thanks so much for having Angie over to guest review.


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