Thursday, September 3, 2015

Guest Post - Sharon Rose Mierke

Guest Post with Sharon Rose Mierke I am so delighted to have Sharon Rose with us today.

Thank you for inviting me to contribute to your blog, Shelley.

To begin with, I will introduce myself to your readers. My name is Sharon Rose Mierke (pronounced murky - as in dirty water). I write the Parson's Cove Cozy Mystery series for Cozy Cat Press and I write by my name Sharon Rose (my Rose always has a rose in the 'o'). There are six in the series so far: Slip and Go Die, Perplexity on P ½, Save as Murder, Calamity @ the Carwash, Frozen Identity, and Cold Case Conundrum. My one historical fiction novel, Sarah's Valley, is by Sharon Mierke.

I thought that today I would write about three things: weather, words, and wit. What could all of them have in common besides starting with the letter W?

Weather: You are now starting to hear people say, where did the summer go? It seems that almost overnight, we are moving from summer into fall. Have you noticed how a stronger cooler wind is replacing the warm humid breeze of summer? For some of us, it brings a sigh of relief and for others, a touch of sadness. Now when we open our eyes in the morning, we have to wait a bit longer for the sunshine to stream though our window and we have to switch our reading lamp on a few minutes earlier in the evening. Autumn is the favorite season for many but for others, it is a reminder that colder days are coming. How does it affect you? Now on to words: Did you realize that usually every morning, Shelley writes on Facebook and says good morning to everyone.

How does that make you feel? I imagine that most of us do not know Shelley personally, or many of the others who take the time to say good morning, but immediately we feel connected to someone. It brings a smile to our lips. If our friend adds a few words to wish us a happy day or tells us what she is doing for the day, it might even inspire us to take on a challenge. We think about what we have planned or perhaps, we remember someone who might appreciate a 'hello' from us. It helps us start our day on a positive note.

Wit: Do you enjoy being with someone who can make you laugh? Some folks are great with dry humor and others can relate a joke that leaves you in stitches. Or, have you ever been reading a book and burst out laughing? A few moments of laughter can ease tension and can change a person's outlook. It, too, can turn a negative day into a positive one. That humorous story you read can pop up into your mind anytime when you least expect it and can make you giggle. Weather, words, and wit - I have tried to incorporate all three into my cozy mysteries. You'll find that each one takes place in a specific season; the words I write are meant to make you smile, and the humor I hope, will make you laugh.

Thank you for spending a few minutes with me today. May your day be delightful and when you return to Facebook, may you have a smile on your face and a song in your heart.

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  1. Nice to met Sharon, I will have to check out her books! And good morning! You're so right about words...and wit...and weather! I am from Minnesota, and the go-to conversation topic, any time of year, is the weather!

    1. Weather seems to be the big topic where I live too! Maybe it's because we have four seasons. Kind of boring if it's only 'warm' all year round, right?

  2. Thank you for stopping by at Shelley's. You are a "new to me" author but I agree with you that weather, words and wit are all parts of life that I thoroughly enjoy and look forward to in each cozy mystery.


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